#MLK1967 – The Jeremy Deller intervention that got Newcastle talking!

On 13 November 1967 Dr Martin Luther King Jr made what was to be his final public speech outside of the US at Newcastle University. In the address, he called for us to join him in the ongoing struggle against war, poverty and racism.

On, 13 November 2017, fifty years to the day after Dr King’s speech, individuals recited parts of the speech around Tyneside, both live and over tannoy systems. Around 50 people learned these powerful words by heart, including bakers, barbers, lecturers, business leaders, school pupils, politicians and railway announcers – people of different ages, sexes, races, all echoing the powerful words of Dr King, that still have so much resonance, and relevance, today.

The participants had all sorts of reactions – from startled customers in Benwell shops to standing ovations – and many more we may never hear about. If you happened upon a recitation we hope it lifted you.

The intervention was produced by Wunderbar alongsideTurner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller, who conceived the idea, as part of Freedom City 2017.

See pics and images here.