Freedom on the Tyne Rehearsals FAQs




When are rehearsals?

Rehearsals will start in October. We appreciate that many of our volunteers have other commitments so rehearsals will be on evenings and weekends.

Which story will I be assigned to?

At the casting workshop you will be assigned to one of these four stories: Selma, Alabama 1963, Amritsar, India 1919, Sharpeville, South Africa 1961, Peterloo, Manchester 1819. The story you’re assigned to will depend on your availability and the needs of the story. If you know you’re only available on Tuesday evenings in October then we’ll assign you to the story that rehearses on Tuesday evenings. If you’re quite flexible with your time in October then we will assign you depending on where your strengths and interests would best fit in.

How much time do I need to commit?

That depends on you! There are three “levels” of involvement for performers in Freedom on the Tyne:


These are lead roles and will require actors to learn lines and be able to project them well during the performance. You may be required for three rehearsals per week.


These roles may also require speaking but will not be as large as the primary roles. You will probably be required for two rehearsals per week for this level of involvement.


These roles will require you to learn some basic movement and use your voice. If you’ve been to one of our taster workshops you should have a good idea of what will be involved.

I do/do not want a speaking role – who do I tell?

You’ll have the opportunity to let us know the level commitment you want to make at the casting workshops at the end of this month.

I no longer want to take part in Freedom on the Tyne as a performer but I’d still like to be involved

That’s great! We’ll need people to be stewards on the day and there will be other roles we’ll need volunteers for as the project develops. Just email stating that you’re no longer interested in performing but would like to be added to our list of volunteers for other roles.